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OTM-4870 Series

OTM-4870 Series Picture
The new OTM-4870 frequency agile television modulator is a full function, microprocessor controlled, 870 MHz agile modulator. It is equipped with all of the high-end features required by 100+ channel users in Cable Television Systems. This top-of-the-line product meets all North American, European and Asian standards. The OTM-4870 is available in four standards, NTSC, PAL B/G, PAL I ,and PAL D.
  OTM-4870 Series DataSheet

LCM-870x3 Series

LCM-870x3 Series Picture
The model LCM-870x3 packages three high quality 870MHz frequency agile modulators into a single 1.75"H x 19"W rack mount chassis. Each modulator provides high level +55dBmV outputs on any NTSC channel from channel 2 (55.25MHz) to channel 136 (865.25MHz). When ordered in PAL standards, the LCM-870x3 provides output carriers from 48.25MHz to 863.25 MHz. Channel or frequency assignments are selected by front panel rotary switches in 0.25 MHz increments.
  LCM-870x3 Series DataSheet

LCM-6550 Series

LCM-6550 Series Picture
Three 55-550MHz frequency agile modulators in IRL. Offers +55dBmV combined output, >72dB combined out-of-band C/N ratio, low power consumption.
  LCM-6550 Series DataSheet

LCM-550x12 Series

LCM-550X12 Series Picture
The LCM-550 system was designed to be a versatile system that will accept 12 modulators, or 8 demodulators, or a combination of modulators and demodulators to fit your application. The rack assembly (2 units high), 12 port combiner, power supply, modulators and demodulators have been cleverly designed to operate in the same unit side-by-side. Click here for a brief description of each unit.
  LCM-550X12 Series DataSheet

OTM-3550 Series

OTM-3550 Series Picture
55-550MHz frequency agile modulator; +60dBmV typical output; >80dB out-of-band C/N ratio; DIP switch controlled; low power consumption; great reliability.
  OTM-3550 Series DataSheet

LCM-500-550 Series

LCM-500-550 Series Picture
55-550MHz frequency agile modulator, >77dB out-of-band C/N ratio, SAW i.f. filtering, BTSC stereo compatible, low power consumption.
  LCM-500-550 Series DataSheet

DSK-550 / 300-S

DSK-550 Picture

DSK-300-S Picture
The DSK-550 and DSK-300-S are high quality, frequency agile modulators designed into a compact chassis complete with power supply. The DSK-550 has a frequency output range of 55MHz-547MHz. The DSK-300-S is capable of selecting sub-band outputs from 7MHz (Ch.T-7) through 295MHz (Ch.W). Quality features are as follows: >80dB out-of-band C/N ratio; >60dB spurious output; BTSC compatibility; +45dBmV output power level; very low power consumption. All of these features combined make these units ideal, high quality and cost effective video modulators.
  DSK-550 / 300-S DataSheet

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