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Hubby and I have been married for 28 years now, and live in Evansville, Indiana with our Yorkie, Munchie.

We have two grown sons, John, who lives in Oakwood, Ohio and Ryan, who lives in Tumwater, Washington. Munchie Business started last Valentine's Day when I listed a plate on eBay just to see if I could figure out how to do it. Well, I sold it for $53 dollars, was hooked and have been selling ever since. We call hubby our "Upscale Fred Sanford" (he has a better truck) because he has collected junque for years. He can sniff out a good tag sale a mile away, and now I have an outlet for his "finds."

We live in an older neighborhood, near the University of Evansville, in a home built in 1929. Hubby has worked many hours restoring it to it's current condition.

I'm the computer junkie, he's my packer and shipper. It's a system that works well for us.

This is the Munchkin. Hubby kept telling me I didn't need a dog, and one day two years ago last spring, he came home to find me and baby Munchie waiting for him on the front porch. She has been the best dog that has ever owned us. He laughingly refers to her as the "daughter I never had." She charms everyone she meets. Even my friend, Veronica, who hates yappy little dogs, is besotted with her


Amber and Maggie, hard at work in my office.

Amber is an orange long-haired Kymric, from the Isle of Mann. She is an off-breed from the Manx, a tail-less cat. She was born with a tail. The breeder could not breed her, so we got her for free. She likes water, loves to play retrieve (she will go get a ball and bring it back 10-15 times before she poops out!) She has a crooked head from a stroke and tends to lean and turns in circles when trying to get out of a room, but she is very healthy now and the most loving cat we have ever had. Every night she and I must have a scratch fest and she drools when I scratch her for any length of time. Ew!

Maggie is your standard American Shorthair mutt. She has a white tip on her tail and weighs in around 15 lbs, all solid muscle. Her entire mission in life is to get outside. She will anything to meet that goal! Since we lost Porsche, we keep her inside. She's daddy's little girl: Ed's baby- sleeps with him, curls up on his desk, follows him all over the house and crawls up on his chest to sleep. Oh and she pretty much ignores me :}.

CoCo our 13-year-old Maine Coon

This is Coco, and from what I've heard from most other Maine Coon owners, mean as mean can be for their breed. I got her nearly 13 years ago when I first moved out and bought my own home. She was ferral (wild) and I had to feed her under my bed with people tuna. Slowly, she came out and till this day, I'm the only one she trusts. Lately, since Porsche left us, she sleeps ON me all night. Not next to me, not on the bed, but on me. She doesn't bother with the other cats, preferring to sleep on the back of the couch in a sunbeam all day and curling up with me at night.

Maggie Jr., the new Kitten

This is our baby, the latest kitty in the Wolf Den, Maggie Jr. We started out calling her Ashley, but she is Big Mag's little neice and looks so much like Maggie that we call her Maggie Jr. She has been everywhere in the house, including the drop ceiling in the shipping room! She "churrs"- purrs and chirps at the same time. Her motor is SO loud, you can hear her in another room. Ed and I share her- she has no favorites and splits her time equally between the two of us. Because she is so rambunctious, we could not put up a Christmas tree this year.

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