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Hubby and I have been married for 28 years now, and live in Evansville, Indiana with our Yorkie, Munchie.

We have two grown sons, John, who lives in Oakwood, Ohio and Ryan, who lives in Tumwater, Washington. Munchie Business started last Valentine's Day when I listed a plate on eBay just to see if I could figure out how to do it. Well, I sold it for $53 dollars, was hooked and have been selling ever since. We call hubby our "Upscale Fred Sanford" (he has a better truck) because he has collected junque for years. He can sniff out a good tag sale a mile away, and now I have an outlet for his "finds."

This is the Munchkin. Hubby kept telling me I didn't need a dog, and one day three years ago this spring, he came home to find me and baby Munchie waiting for him on the front porch. She has been the best dog that has ever owned us. He laughingly refers to her as the "daughter I never had." She charms everyone she meets. She is best buddies with Sam, my girlfriend's 7 year old daughter, and even my friend, Veronica, who hates yappy little dogs, is besotted with her


Hubby is my packer/shipper.  He loves cruising the countryside in "Elizabeth", his 1948 Ford F1 Pickup, looking for treasures.

Our home is an ongoing "work in progress." It was built in 1929 near the University of Evansville. Always my favorite house in the city, when the elderly owner's husband died four years ago, I wrote her a letter, asking her if she would be interesting in selling it. She invited us over to see the yard, priced it, and we bought it on the spot, without ever going inside. We have done extensive renovations, and are currently getting ready to turn the basement family room into a 50's soda shoppe.



This picture of Munchie and me was taken last fall. She's in her favorite room, the kitchen - when hubby snapped this he asked her if she wanted breakfast, and those little ears stood straight up!


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