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   Okay guys, here I am, yours truly, in all my glory.  I can't help it if I'm naturally photogenic.  After you're finished here, be sure to check out my very own page devoted to MY pet, my very own goldfishy.  In a word, my fish is lickable, click here to see me try!


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  Mom's Gotta      It's a Jungle Out          Best Buddies           Chillin!              Burgers??
  Cool It With                  Here!
  The Miracle

harleyalone.jpg (20932 bytes)     harleyandme.jpg (24442 bytes)      

                                                         Harley Davidson    Whats Up Dude?                    
                                                           My Very Own                                                       

munchiehat.jpg (22375 bytes)

My Mom dressed me up
in this dorky hat and pearls.
She says  I look like
Scarlett O'Terrier!
I got MAJOR treats for
posing, though - hehehehe



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