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Snacks are hard - we can do great all day with our eating, and then blow it on snacks in the evening.   Snacks are like our "reward" for being good.


My very FAVE snack is Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Fudgesickles.  Two of these are only 1 point.  I sometimes eat 4 a day.  Hey, give me a choice between two of these or an apple, and the fudgesickles win it hands down.  I tell myself they are healthy because they contain skim milk.  Maybe they are, maybe they aren't - but if it works, don't fix it!  And for me, these definitely work.

NoPudge Brownie Mixes are awesome.   Two points per brownie, and they come in four great flavors - Original Fudge, Raspberry Fudge,  Cappucino, and Mint Fudge.   For store listings and order info, check out their website -   I also have "inside info" that they are coming out with new muffin mixes shortly.  Thanx, Lindsay :-)

I used to be a big fan of WOW chips (laughingly referred to by my two grown sons as "Squirt Chips".  Guys, arugghhhh!!!!   Anyway, I ate so many of these chips that I have burnt out, so I've switched to Fat Fre Pringles - flavor of choice is Sour Cream & Onion.  Original are good, but the barbecue have a funky taste, IMO.  You can have 15 for 1 point - that's a lot of chips!  Awesome taste - and if you can find Prairie Farms Fat Free French Onion Dip, it's just SO good.  And there is always the pretzel, fat free tortilla chips, salsa route - whatever floats your boat with the salty snacks ~


I think Microwave Popcorn can be the most confusing snack to try and figure points.  It's because the nutritional labels are weird.  They give you info like 2 TBS. unpopped corn - well duh, are you supposed to open the little bag and dig out 2 TBS. or what.

Popcorn is good, it's healthy, it's fiber, it's also dry, and tasteless when popped with an air popper.  The calories add up quickly in microwave popcorn, - you have to stick with the 94% fat free stuff, and even that sometimes has as much as 3 points a bag.

I usually pop it with the air popper, then spray it with Pam and salt it.  Not great, but better than nothing.  Sometimes I use a microwave popper and put in a Tablespoon of Brummel and Brown Yogurt Spread (1 point per Tablespoon).  That's pretty good - 3 cups of plain corn are 1 point - so you can add the B&B Spread and it only bumps it up to 2 points.

Sometimes for a change, I mix cinnamon and equal together and sprinkle that on it after I have sprayed it with Pam.

In the produce department, you can find Marzetti's Fat Free Carmel Sauce for dipping apples into - I have heard that works great on popcorn.  I haven't tried it yet - sounds good, but messy.


  The all time favorite Weight Watcher snack - this is a great one, too, is Ice Cream Sandwiches made with Chocolate Graham Crackers and Cool Whip Lite.

You buy Keeblers or Nabisco Chocolate Graham Crackers, spread them with Lite Cool Whip, wrap in plastic and freeze.  They taste amazingly like Ice Cream Sandwiches.

2 complete crackers spread with Cool Whip are 3 POINTS
I usually take one complete cracker, cut in half and spread it for a 
1-1/2 POINT treat 

I like to take a piece of fat free bologna, or turkey, wrap it around a sweet pickle  - it' quick, it's easy, and it's less than 1 POINT.


Email me with your Weight Watcher questions, I'll be glad to help


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~ Phyllis Diller