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Volume III, Issue 2                                                                            March 24, 2001


Hey Girlfriends  ~

   I'm Back!!!  The past few weeks with this newsletter have been a real struggle, but if WW has taught me anything, it's taught me PATIENCE!!!!  In the meantime, I've lost another pound, my daffodils are ready to burst into bloom, the days are getting longer - life is good!

   I've changed some features, added GirlTalk and some new graphics, so sit back, take a look, feel your way through it and enjoy!



1 Point Lemon 
Square Bites 



   Spring Breakthroughs

It’s time to break through old habits. Stop being the “fat sister”, or the “rescuer” with your needy friends, or the “conciliator” in the family. Let the sun shine in as inner-change develops.
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C'mon in and see what's cooking

6 Point Pigout

My motto is always  "quantity" more than "quality."  I made this for lunch recently - of course it's not REAL ground beef, but it's pretty darn good for the points.

1/2 cup Morningstar Farms Harvest Burger Crumbles (1 point)
1/4 cup DelMonte Hickory Sloppy Joe Sauce (1 point), simmer together on stove, then divide in half, and make two sandwiches with Healthy Life Buns (1 point each), add a few pickles, an ounce of WOW chips (1 point), and a couple of Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Fudgesicles (1 point for two fudgesicles), and the whole meal, including both sandwiches is only 6 points!

~ jan

Mr. Bad Food was in the market for a great-tasting snack to help him stay the course with his healthy new eating plan. He turned a corner and came face-to-face with a couple of famous-named foods that sure sounded diet-friendly. On the surface, the trail mix and yogurt-covered raisins seemed to be products that would satisfy what his body craved: all-natural foods with the naturally sweet kick of candy. But upon closer inspection, Mr. Bad Food discovered he'd made a bad choice.




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Find Of The Week


3 Points Each

Okay gang, maybe I've been eating healthy  for such a long time that I forgot what real junk food tastes like, because I thought these things were  TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!   They taste just like a corn dog to me, and they are only 3 points each.  They are a nice size, too.  Trust me on this one, you really need to give these a try.  

Dining Out?

Each week I list points for popular eating establishments.

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